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SRS Mermaid Crew Rules

SRS Mermaid
 Rules v2
   The rules set out below will apply to SRS Mermaid Crew events and meetings and to the crew of SRS Mermaid when they attend Flotilla and National events. They are based upon the rules and regulations of the Sea Ranger Association and can be varied and amended from time to time with agreement of the majority of the crew’s officers and adult helpers.  These rules apply to both land and water based activities. They are designed to improve the safety of Cadets and Sea Rangers. Uniform

  • Correct uniform must be worn at all times. This will improve safety and easy of identification.
  • Jeans are not to be worn at any time as they are unsuitable for boating. Denim is very heavy when wet and take a very long time to dry.
  • Shoes must be suitable for boating except when in full uniform at non boating musters when shoes suitable for school must be worn
  • For boating activities shoes suitable for getting wet must be brought – old trainers/water shoes
  • Crocs style shoes are acceptable – colours should not be bright
  • Shoes must be worn at all times (except in bed!)
  • Wellingtons should only been warn in boats with the express permission of an adult and NEVER in canoes
  • Watches may be worn at parents discretion
  • Jewellery must not be worn; it can easily be lost or broken and can be dangerous in boats as it can become caught. Stud earrings can be worn in pierced ears – no more than one per ear.
  • No nail varnish
 Camps & Holidays
  • All medication must be handed in to an officer or adult helper at the beginning of the camp or holiday
  • Watches for holidays are selected and agreed by the officers and they are designed to ensure that each watch has a mix of age and experience. The aim being to engenders a fun working team spirit.
  • When camping, in order to save tent space, roll mats are to be used for sleeping on
  • Camp beds and lilos may be used on holidays in halls
  • Rest hours at camps are designed to give a break in a busy and active outdoor day. The time must be spent in tents or bedrooms, quietly reading and resting.
  • Cooking is usually undertaken by watches, on a rota basis, under the supervision of an adult.
  • Crew members will be involved in the planning of the menus, where possible, prior to camps and holidays; to ensure that there preferences are taken into consideration.
  • Up to three foods which Cadets and Rangers cannot eat may be listed on the back of the holiday health form. All other food must be tried.
  • Completed health forms must be returned no later than two weeks before the camp or holiday. Food preferences cannot be accepted later than this date. 
  • SRS Mermaid usually provides a tuck shop at camps and holidays. The maximum spend per day in the tuck shop is £1.
  • To prevent loss, all pocket money is to be handed into a nominated officer or adult helper, in a named purse, at the beginning of the holiday. It is usual to set a pocket money limit for holidays; this will vary depending upon the activities and outings which are planed for each trip.
  • Buoyancy aids or lifejackets must also be worn for sailing and canoeing and at all other time when instructed to by officers/adult helpers.
  • When rowing, buoyancy aids are to be worn if instructed to do so by the coxswain.
  • Only one person is to be standing in a rowing boat at a time.
  • To ensure the safety of Cadets and Rangers at all times, permission must be given to leave a muster, camp or holiday site. No Cadet or Ranger can leave alone.
  • No electronic equipment is to be brought to any meeting, holiday or camp, this includes, MP3 players, mobile phones and games.
  • Disposable cameras may be used
  • Swearing and shouting is unacceptable
  • When an officer or adult helper stand still with there hand in the air Cadets and Rangers must stop what they are doing, put there hand in the air, stand still and be quiet. This enables quick and easy communication to everyone.
   SRS Mermaid should pride themselves for being known for always leaving boats, equipment, halls, cottages, camping fields and similar, clearing, tidier and neater them before they used them. There please remember to dispose of litter in the correct places.

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Published on: 2008-07-27 (5725 reads)

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