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Beach Volleyball

About The Sport

Beach volleyball is the outdoor equivalent of volleyball and – despite its glamorous, sun-kissed image – is every bit as gruelling as its indoor counterpart. Although beach volleyball is not always played on an actual beach, the deep sand base used for the court provides little grip, but is a soft surface for landings. This means that games can get incredibly physical as players dive to catch shots without the risk of serious injury that a hard floor would cause.


As with indoor volleyball – and other ball and net games, such as tennis and badminton – the objective of the game is for players to score points by getting the ball to touch the ground in their opponent’s half of the court. Teams are made up of two players, while matches are played over three sets, in which the two squads fight to be the first to score 25 points.


Name: Denise Johns
D.O.B: 09/12/1978
Place of Birth: Ettlebruck, Luxembourg
Height: 6ft 1”

Denise grew up in San Diego, USA, and has played numerous years on the AVP tour amongst other international events.

With an English father, Denise is able to play for Great Britain and began playing with partner Lucy Boulton in 2006 on both UK Domestic events like the Volleyball England Beach Tour and the Urban Beach Tour and on the FIVB World Tour, where the pair broke into the main draw in Porto Santo, their first event and later on in Phuket, Thailand.

Having studied Architecture at the University of Cincinatti, Denise is now training full time in LA under the watchful eye of GB Performance Coach Jeff Alzina.

Denise will be playing on several FIVB World Tour events in 2007 with partner Lucy Boulton, hoping to pick up qualification points for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Name: Lucy Boulton
DOB: 02/01/86
Place of Birth: Hornchurch, Essex
Occupation: Student at Exeter University

Lucy has played volleyball and beach volleyball for numerous years and has England caps for indoor and beach disciplines.

Lucy decided to concentrate on beach volleyball and since doing so she has played in numerous international and domestic events with success. In 2006 she flew out to Cyprus to play in the World University Championships for beach volleyball, with Zara Dampney. In the first year GB had entered any teams, the pair rose to the challenge and finished in 13th place. Lucy entered several Volleyball England Beach Tour (VEBT) and the Urban Beach Tour events domestically, as well as attended several GB training camps.

The 2006 Beach season went from strength to strength for Lucy after being entered into a Korean Beach Volleyball Exhibition with English partner, US based Denise Johns, who has played on the AVP tour in the US. The pair then played in the FIVB SWATCH World Series in Porto Santo Portugal, Acapulco Mexico and Phuket Thailand. They beat teams from Sweden, Ukraine, China and Russia in their qualifications and it was on this series where Lucy picked up several nominations for Rooky of the Year from the FIVB.

Lucy’s serve was the fastest in the Phuket event, and 6th fastest overall on the World series in 2006 at an impressive 77.5km/h!

Lucy will be playing on several World Tour events this year in the hope for qualification for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She is currently training full time in LA under the watchful eye of GB Performance Beach Coach Jeff Alzina.

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Published on: 2008-07-30 (4944 reads)

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