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Sea Ranger History
A concise History

A Brief History of Sea Rangers

1908-1910    Scouting for boys and Girl Guides for girls was started by  Robert Baden-Powell  

1920    Sea Ranger crews began to spring up everywhere. The first head of the Sea Rangers was Veronica Erskine who was also the captain (what we now call Skipper or Senior Officer) of the first crew SRS Golden Hind, London which was registered on 26th June 1920.

1922 Dame Katherine Furse who was the Director of the Womens Royal Naval Service (WRNS) - (find out more at http://www.seayourhistory.org.uk/content/view/800/1033/) was appointed head of Sea Rangers and gave us very inspired leadership. The second crew to register was SRS Wren, London and Dame Vera Laughton Matthews, succeeded Dame Katherine Furses as Director of the WRNS, was Skipper.

1926  World Thinking Day was first celebrated at a conference in the USA when it was decided that there should be a day every year when girl guides and girl scouts around the world should think of each other and give thanks for there guiding sisters - the 22nd February was chosen as it was the birthday of the joint founders.

1927 Sea Guides become Sea Rangers

1936 Anne Hopkins becomes Sea Ranger Pilot (her official rank being Assistant Commissioner for Sea Rangers)- the Narrow Boat which the Sea Rangers can use at Woking is named Pilot after this lady.

1937     270 Sea Rangers took part in a nautical training on board the training ship Implacable, which was morried in the upper reaches of Portsmouth Harbour.

1941    Lord Robert Baden-Powell died

1939-1945     During the Second World War many Sea Rangers joined the Wrens and some even served with the Thames Emergency Service

1943     HRH Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) joined SRS President and a year later in 1944 she became Vice President of the Guide Movement

1945     Sea Rangers Silver Jubilee (25 years) was celebrated by 6,000 Sea Rangers in the Bristish Isles and many more in countries around the British Emprie (this later became known the Commonwealth).

Post War Training Ships

The Sea Rangers first had the use of MTB 630 (Motor Torpedo Boat) upon which the Queeen and her sister Princess Margaret undertook a seamanship course.

This was replaced by a new training ship - Golden Hinde - which was based on the River Dart in Devon.

1973    The Girl Guides Association decided that they were no longer going to have a nautical section but Sea Rangers decided to carry on and the Sea Ranger Association was formed

1974      Cadet Sea Rangers began so that girls could join from the age of 10

1977      Olave Lady Baden-Powell died

1980      Sea Rangers celebrated their 60th anniversary at a special camp at Milton Keynes, which was opened by  the Duchess of Gloucester

2000    Sea Rangers celebrated 80 years with a large camp and National Sea Ranger Regatta at Longridge Scout Camp on  the River Thames near Marlow

2006   Another busy year for Sea Rangers with our Water Activities  Weekend including the National Regatta and Cadet Dolphin Trophy which was once again a hugh success 

2010 90th year of Sea Rangering - celebrations at a Water Activities and Regatta Weekend at Powells Pool, Sutton Colefield and a service in Portsmouth in October

2010-2      The World Association fo Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) have set theme's for the next thre years of Thinking Days

                     2010 - Together we can end extreme world poverty and hunger

                     2011 - Empowering girls will change our world

                     2012 - We can save our planet

SRS Mermaid thinks that these are themes that Sea Rangers can focus on too!For more information see the WAGGGS web link      http://www.wagggsworld.org/en/about/guiding/wtd

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Published on: 2007-01-20 (11252 reads)

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