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1. Be able to name: (a) 8 parts of a rowing dinghy and oar (b) the parts of a canoe and kayak (c) 6 parts of a sailing dinghy and sail (d) 6 parts of a sailboard 2. Know 16 points of a compass 3. Demonstrate the following bends and hitches and show their practical use: (a) reef knot (b) clove hitch (c) sheetbend (d) round turn and two half hitches (e) bowline (f) figure of eight (g) double sheetbend (h) fisherman's bend (anchor knot) 4. Demonstrate how to make fast to a ringbolt, cleat, bollard and stake 5. Throw an unweighted line 10 metres accurately twice out of three 6. Identify the following ensigns and know who is entitled to wear them: (a) white (b) red (c) blue 7. Find the origin of the ship after which the crew was named 8. (a) Know the times of the different watches (b) Strike the ship's tme on the bell 9. Using a boatswain's call, pipe: (a) the still (b) carry on (c) all hands (d) pipe the side 10. Using a manikin or mask, demonstrate basic life support techniques 11. Demonstrate basic life support techniques 12. Demonstrate: (a) how to treat shock (b) how to deal with bleeding (c) how to deal with burns and scalds

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