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SRS Mermaid Sea Rangers Site Recipes

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Cooking Instructions


Chips can be a healthy meal in moderation. The days when every house had a freezer for the first time and everyone was eating choc ices and chips have gone.

So in the same way the Delia though you to boil water we will teach you to cook oven chips. Oh excuse the picture, we don't have a chips picture yet so thaought we would start with just a Sea Ranger picture.


Ingredient Quantity
Potatoes 5oz per person
Oil table spoon of oil to stop chips stick to pan
Salt Salt pot so diners can season to taste
Pepper For those who want it






  1. Retrieve the chips fro the freezer
  2. Weigh out the chips - a handfull is about two ounces if you don't have scales
  3. Spread chips on oiled baking tray
  4. Place in oven pre-heated to 200 Deg C or as per chip packet instrucitons
  5. Cook for 20 minutes or as per manufacturers instructions


Potatoes are highly nutrious having many useful vitamins and mineralsLaughing. However they are also have a high carbohydrate content Frownand eaten in excess can lead to obesity and poor spellingSurprised.

This is the uniform of the 1940'sPotatoes come in many varieties. These range form potatoes good for boiling to potatoes good for chips or for roasting. Did you know that you can get blue, purple and orange potatoes.

Potatoes were first introduced to England in the sixteenth century as a smoking material, but soon were found to be much better for eating and filling in puddles as the Queen went by. The man who introduced them was Sir Francis Drake who after initial resistence to potatoes stumbled on tobacco and the rest is history. Drake's rival was Sir Walter Raleigh who was executed after Queen stood on his cloak and promptly descended into a deep hole full of water. This event led Drake to patent the potato as a hole filling device. The potato took off following the fire of London in 1666 when many holes got so hot that the potatoes cooked and gave of a delicious odour, thus leading directly to the Irish potato famine of 1840. The fire of london also led to the phrase to have "had your chips". After so many people died trying to rescue potatoes from in front of burning buildings. This can still be seen today in people's reaction to cold chips, so serve them hot.


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